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"Whoever does not move among works of art as if among dangerous animals does not know among what he moves." — Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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 The art of living has no history: it does not evolve: the pleasure which vanishes vanishes for good, there is no substitute for it. Other pleasures come, which replace nothing. No progress in pleasures, nothing but mutations. 
Roland Barthes

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America is watching and the world is watching. People are really embarrassed because we go all over the world promoting democracy and fairness and we aren’t even promoting democracy in our own communities.

Martin Luther King III speaking at the Ferguson rally 8/17/2014

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This is a fund set up for the people who have been arrested while protesting in Ferguson. Please donate if you can and share widely. This is concrete action we can take to support the people of Ferguson. Also please call your local representative and let them know you do not agree with what’s happening. Here’s a script and a way to find the contact info for your local reps. 

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The government wouldn’t spend a dime on education, healthy food, drinkable water, assisting people in poverty, de-polluting the streets, or anything else of importance. But they would be on call to spend millions on equipping a small police force to fight off a group of defenseless protestors. You can argue with me that this is not a hate crime, when it so obviously is, but you can’t argue with me when I say that this government is too corrupt to even serve it’s purpose.

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in Brooklyn, the boy who
has skin like Serengeti
says, see, if you born
with charcoal dusted flesh
you are prone to a sinking density
drawing you into chalk-lined asphalt
& coz i look like i was carved
from lucifer’s kaolin of night
so i must be deemed a daemon
to be hunted by default
my father…

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There is no war “between police and protestors” going on in Ferguson. The police have imposed martial law and they are terrorizing the community, threatening to kill reporters, and macing children. This, after an unarmed boy was “shot at least six times, including twice in the head.” and his murderer was given a paid vacation.

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