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"Whoever does not move among works of art as if among dangerous animals does not know among what he moves." — Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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Behind appearance is a reality which appearance expresses but can never fully disclose. Beauty is a sort of symbolic disclosure. It is the invisible made visible through expressions, the revealing ‘garment’ of the invisible and kin to our natures.
Theodore Jouffrey, from a lecture to the Royal Academy of Art, 1842. (via animus-inviolabilis)

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Archaeologists have not yet discovered any stage of human existence without art. Even in the half-light before the dawn of humanity we received this gift from Hands we did not manage to discern. Nor have we managed to ask: Why was this gift given to us and what are we to do with it? And all those prophets who are predicting that art is disintegrating, that it has used up all its forms, that it is dying, are mistaken. We are the ones who shall die. And art will remain. The question is whether before we perish we shall understand all its aspects and all its ends.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Beauty Will Save the World

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Risks to the poet’s life: drowning from self-love like Narcissus, or becoming infatuated with death like Orphée in Cocteau’s retelling of the myth. Through the mirror lies the abyss in both cases, and thus it is impossible to tell them apart.

Jennifer Moxley, Fragments of a Broken Poetics

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Poetry has a duty to pressure conviction. (Jennifer Moxley, Jacket Issue No 37)

JM: I’ll start with Mallarmé, from “La Musique et les Lettres”: “To create is to conceive an object in its fleeting moment, in its absence. To do this … we conjure up a scene of lovely, evanescent, intersecting forms… . Then when the melodic line has given way to silence, we seem to hear such themes as are the very logic and substance of our soul. Yet whatever the agony may be in which the Monster writhes … no vanquished throe may bend or cross the omnipresent Line which runs infinitely from point to point in Its creation of an idea―creation perhaps unseen by man, mysterious, like some Harmony of perfect purity” ( … nulle torsion vaincue ne fausse ni ne transgresse l’omniprésente Ligne espacée de tout point à tout autre pour instituer l’Idée; sinon sous le visage humain, mystérieuse, en tant qu’une Harmonie est pure).

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I am
the I between
vapor and viper,
between mire and more,
I am the sword interred
between expire and explore,

I am Eve,
the or that broke
a fever to forever.

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